Pathfinder Rise of the Runelords 5th Anniversary Edition

The Giant Invisible Monster Approacheth...

Our team of intrepid adventurers continued their DOMINATION of the Thistletop Dungeon. Traversing three dungeon levels and defeating all-comers. A few things of note:
1. Gavin acquired a new horse named Shadowmist (Ref Advanced Horse Pathfinder Bestiary P. 177 and 294) from the goblins who were abusing it.
2. Droli looks magnificent in her Dented Goblin Crown and Silk dress…
3. Goblin Harem’s are strange places…
4. Droli adopted two nice young goblins found in a cage in Thistletop dungeon level one.
5. Our heroes are cheapskates, a mercenary was willing to turn to their side for a mere 500 gold, and they attacked him instead.
6. Nualia and her Yeth Hound put up a great fight, but were dispatched handily in the end.
7. Our brave heroes put a piece of gold into a small slot at the base of an enchanted pillar. They were rewarded with a secret entrance into the chambers that included Runelord Karzoug’s communication room and the prison of Malfeshnekor the ancient Greater Barghest imprisoned since the Star Stone struck down on Golarion.

Of note is the encounter with an ancient Aztlanti Lich calling himself Ybol. He rescued the party from some roving Aboleth. His display of power in annihilating the Aboleth was without compare. He discussed with the party his search for rare necromantic books written by the Runelord of Sloth in ancient times containing eldritch knowledge of old. He imparted an amulet to the party to call him should they find such a book – along with promise of a reward. He took his leave on the back of a giant reanimated skeletal dragon.

Upon arriving back in Sandpoint, the party finds out from Sheriff Belor that a series of gruesome murders has plagued the town in the Party’s absences. The Sheriff hands Grunn a note found at the scene of the murder with the word “Grunn” written in blood on the front. The plot thickens…


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