Pathfinder Rise of the Runelords 5th Anniversary Edition

I shot the Deputy but I Did Not Shoot the Sheriff

Campaign Highlights:

Grunn disappearing into the night followed by the murder of the local Deputy.

Gavin poisoned at dinner.

Droli dropping Gavin on the trapped rope bridge at Thistletop. His quick reflexes allow him to grasp the remaining rope as the wooden slats of the rope bridge fall away revealing crashing waves 70 feet below.

Grunn bull rushing the Goblin Druid Gogmurt’s firepelt cougar into the Howling hole, and it getting devoured by a sea creature! Bunyip.jpg

The defeat of Gogmurt the Goblin Druid by Alcor, Grunn, and Gavin. This also included Gavin missing an attack, and the following two rounds of him babbling incoherently over his supposed failure.Gogmurt.jpg

The defeat of Warchief Rippnugget. Ripnugget.png

A “Red Giant” sized Alcor flinging Droli like a missile at an evil Yeth Hound.

A flying Yeth Hound aiming a bite attack at a supersized Alcor missing, and flying face first into Alcor’s axe.

Grunn and Droli also reveal their strange behavior was sue to the effects of the Bone Grimoire curse.


qedness qedness

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