Pathfinder Rise of the Runelords 5th Anniversary Edition

Annoying Invisible Imps


After a short rest in which another realistic dream was had, Grunn awoke to find a chunk of his hair and two of his items missing. What prowls the darkness of Sandpoint?

Our heroes began by returning to the Catacombs of Wrath. Here they encountered Sinspawn, a 3 armed mutant goblin (with a sweet magical fire sword!), 11 zombies, a Vargouille (this thing tried to kiss Grunn)Vargouille.jpeg, and a level 3 Quasit Witch.

The battle with the Quasit witch was especially brutal as the quasit immediately turned invisible and began summoning other creatures. A final desperate attack from Grunn finally ended the foul beast.

Upon returning to town with there new loot, our level 2 heroes were once again called upon to hunt Tsuto Kaijitsu who had just escaped from his cell in the Sandpoint Garrison.

The A-Team found Tsuto holed up in the Old Light along with some skeletons, bugbears, and a Choker. Upon realizing he was defeated Tsuto offed himself, calling upon Nualia to resurrect him for vengeance.

Our heroes then located a hidden cache of magical items including an anvil and a book reeking of overwhelming necromancy.

Droli immediately went to Grunn and opened the book (much to the DMs pleasure) resulting in Grunn and Droli being rendered unconscious and with temporary curses.

The threat of Nualia and the goblin hordes still lingers…


qedness qedness

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